Welcome to the                      Rafter 'C' Ranch
Great Spirit,
Let us greet the Dawn
of a new day when
All Men live as Brothers
And Peace reigns everywhere.
Indian Prayer

Beatty, Or.  Snuggled into the foothills at the lower end of Sprague River Valley in south-eastern Oregon is the Rafter ĎCí Ranch, a small horse ranch.

Itís the dream of the Crambletís (James, Hans and Doreen); a place where they can watch horses run, take a ride and go fishing on the Sycan River, or go for a hunt up behind the ranch.

Itís a wild, beautiful land, filled with wild life of all kinds (antelope, deer, elk, bear, mountain lions, coyotes, wolves and wild horses).  Where quail run underfoot and ducks and geese fly overhead and the red-breasted robins sit outside the kitchen window singing and the chipmunks scold them for the noise.

Itís a land covered with Sagebrush, Junipers and Pines.  Itís a rough land, scarred by ancient volcanoes that left lava rock and pumas soil, with rocky spines protruding from the hills and outcroppings that make you think of an impregnable fortress.  Cold during the winter, hot during the summer Ė mud axel deep or deeper during the rains, or dust that can coat a manís throat and make him cry for a drink of water.

This is the home of the Crambletís, this is where they plan to breed and raise quarter horses.
Ruby and Dunny, the first horses
Horse Sense:
Barnyardmare Quarter Horses
Horse Only
Horse City
Rafter 'C' boss:
Name: James Cramblet